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Don’t Give Mold a Free Ride

It’s a common practice among most restoration contractors to clean their equipment once it’s back in the shop. You do it so it’s more presentable and also to avoid cross contamination between jobs. But when it comes to mold contamination, not cleaning it until it’s returned to […]

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Mistakes That Slow Your Drying Progress

Drying progress. It’s probably the most important item on your checklist. It’s what keeps moisture from turning into mold and your customers sold. Along with that, consistent progress also speeds up the drying process so that you can be off to your next job. Unfortunately, progress can […]

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Your Two Best Choices for Odor Removal

The writer William McFee once said, “There is nothing like an odor to stir memories.” What he neglected mentioning is that sometimes those odors are foul and they’re linked to bad memories like fires and floods. You want those odors gone for good. After removing the source […]

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Attracting and Keeping Customers

It seems as though every time you turn around there’s yet another disaster restoration company popping up. Some of these are big and flashy with national names. So if you’re a small, local contractor, what do you do to keep from losing your current and future customers […]

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A Waste is a Terrible Thing to Mind

Unlike the waste water that flows down the drains in your home that ends up in sewage treatment plants, storm drain systems are completely separate. The water that flows into them receives no treatment or filtering. This means that any pollution, which includes the contents of a […]

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Branch Out…Make Like A Tree

The economy stinks. The weather’s been too dry. We didn’t have a winter. Mercury and Venus left Jupiter’s side and joined Mars in Taurus. (That’s a lot of people in a sedan). There are a multitude of reasons, both real and perceived, why your business may have […]

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Should It Be Dried? Three Factors to Consider

“How fast can it be dried?”, is a question that comes up often enough. Although many of you are restoration professionals, that doesn’t mean that you’ve learned all there is to know. Not in this business. Not only is it constantly changing and evolving but every job […]

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Don’t Bite the Dust

A dust explosion on February 7, 2008 in Port Wentworth Georgia killed fourteen people and injured forty. The explosion occurred at a sugar refinery owned by Imperial Sugar and was fueled by massive accumulations of combustible sugar dust throughout the packaging building. How Does This Happen? Could […]

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Who Want’s to Be A Salesman?

“Hey boss, there’s a salesman asking for you.” Do you cringe when you hear those words? When you think of salesmen (i.e.salespeople), whom do you envision? Many dislike salespeople because they sometimes seem so pushy. But once you’re in sales, you realize you don’t have to be […]

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Equipment Maintenance, An Ounce of Prevention

You spend a ton of money on restoration equipment. That’s a huge investment for many of you, although it’s probably safe to say that much of it has already paid for itself. Now the trick is keeping all of it maintained and running smoothly. A maintenance schedule […]

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