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We sell fuses, ignition controls, condensate hoses, pumps, temperature controls, rotors, overload relays, and much more! Call to see if we have the parts you need.



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Everyone’s schedule is different and we know some orders can be urgent.
The best way to get your order for new, used, or rental equipment started is to give us a call at (719) 240-4929.
If you want to schedule a repair or need parts, call (719) 240-4930.
If you have questions about what parts are available or what kind of equipment to order, fill out the form on our contact page.  

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Call us at 719-240-4930 or 719-240-4929

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Equipment Options

Used Equipment

First Choice Drying Equipment sells used equipment. Everything from air movers to desiccant dehumidifiers and more. We make sure the equipment undergoes a maintenance check and is in good working order before we release it for sale.

We Buy Used Equipment

Interested in selling your equipment. Call (719) 240-4929 about the equipment you would like us to consider buying.

Rental Equipment

Not ready to buy? We have rental equipment to supply most restoration drying jobs at a cost of $50 per day plus shipping. Give us a call at (719) 240-4929 or (719) 240-4930 for a list of what’s in stock.

Equipment Repairs

We are a certified provider of service and repairs for Phoenix and Xpower equipment under warranty. We also service non-warranty desiccants and dehumidifier equipment (hourly service rates + parts and labor apply).  Send us a message on our contact page to schedule a repair and service call.

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