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All Used First Choice Drying Equipment is cleaned and maintained to assure a high quality performance.
Our used drying equipment is maintained at all times by our experienced team.

Flatbed Semi-Trailer

2 Flatbed Semi-Trailers, 2 Semi-Van Trailers & 2 Tow Dollys

Great combo deal for transporting equipment to your project site.

Used Stulz 3000 cfm Desiccant

Stulz 3000cfm Desiccant Dehumidifier

Rugged, all aluminum industrial desiccant.

Customized trailer built to hold the equipment for easy transportation

Custom Trailer

Customized trailer built for easy transportation.

Ducting and cables for Stulz desiccant

Ducting and Cables

Ducting connectors and cables included.

Control Unit

Includes pre-wired controller and timer.

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