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Drying and water removal equipment accesories are available for sale, shipment and delivery to restoration companies in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Southern Colorado, New Mexico, Texas Panhandle, Kansas, Wyoming, Florida, California, and Oklahoma.
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Our available accessories are listed below.
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Zip Wall Accessories

Phoenix Quick Chamber System

10’ ZIPWALL (2 PACK) or 12’ ZIPWALL (6 PACK)

Wall Mat Starter Kit

ZipDoor® Commercial or Standard Door Kit

ZipFast™ Multi-pack

ZipWall® Dust Barrier (10’ & 12′ Poles)

Foam Rail™ Tapeless Seal (2 pack)

MagStrip™ Dust Barrier Fastener

ZipWall® Dust Barrier PassThrough™

ZipWall® Steel Frame Magnetic Door™ Kit

ZipWall® Heavy-Duty Zipper (12 pack)


XPower HEPA Filter (16″ x  20″ x 2″)

XPower Air Scrubber HEPA35 Activated Carbon Filter (16″ x 16″ x 1.4″)

XPower Air Scrubber HEPA50 Activated Carbon Filter (16″ x 16″ x  2″)

XPower Air Scrubber Pleated Media Filter PF16 (16″ x  16″)

XPower HEPA Filter Replacement Stage 3

XPower Mini Air Scrubber Washable Nylon Mesh Filter

XPower XD- 85LH/XD-85L2 LGR Dehumidifier Secondary Intake Filter

Phoenix Antimicrobial Filter Guardian R500 Filters

Flexible Ducting

Xpower Polyester Yellow Duct Hose (25′ x 12″)

Xpower Polyester Yellow Duct Hose Carrier for X-8 Confined Space Ventilator (25′ x 8″)

Flex Vent Ducting Yellow/Black (25′ length)

Heavy Duty PVC/Polyester Duct Hose

Flex Ducting Hose (20″ circumference)

Xpower Polyester Duct Yellow Hose (15′ or 16′ length)

Power Equipment

LEX 10/4 SJTW Power Transfer Generator Cord, CCM Protected

LEX 400 amp Pagoda Pagoda™ to Duplex Receptacle

LEX 100A 5-Wire Banded Cam-Type Feeder Extension

LEX 400 Amp Power Station with Casters to California Style Locking Receptacles, Weather Resistant

CEP Power Cord; CEP Power Distribution Box

Miscellaneous Accessories and Electronics

Phoenix HM-40 ThermoHygrometer

Phoenix Psychrometric Calculator

Phoenix Containment Weights

Phoenix Duct Adapter

Ducting Hose Adapter Kit 16DHK (Connecting X-47ATR/X-48ATR w/ 16DH25/16DH15)

Phoenix Dry Tag

Phoenix Dry Phone


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