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Is it raining money for your water removal business to invest in equipment? There is some must-have equipment that won’t leave you knee-deep in debt and can get you through the lean times. If you are a small business entrepreneur, you should take the time to find out what suits your projects before you start collecting equipment. Remember, “the rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.”1

Air movers and small filtration equipment are less costly, easy to transport, and need a lot less maintenance. If you aren’t sure whether you should buy, there is always an option to rent or buy used equipment in good working condition. First Choice Equipment Sales and Service carries several types of air movers, scrubbers, and axial fans that should be part of your water removal equipment investment.

If you are drying a tighter space like a closet, cabinets, laundry room, or bathroom, you might consider Axial Air Movers. Centrifugal axial fans can operate in high temperatures, at high speeds with a focused airstream that can be set in different directions.

Industrial Air Movers are the best choice for drying projects with a variety of area sizes. Maybe you just started in the water removal business and are not sure what areas of your project will need drying, then the compact air mover may be the right choice. As a more powerful alternative, air movers can dry small and large surfaces. They have to move air horizontally for a much faster drying time with an amp output that is energy efficient.

Some water-damaged projects have been left untreated during the busy season and may need some remediation. Consider adding Air Scrubbers to your equipment list, too. Scrubbers remove tiny airborne particles and odors in the air that will help lessen pollutants. Preventing future environmental contamination is an important step in any water removal project. An added benefit of Air Scrubbers is they help mitigate the spread of mold in a water-damaged project.

No matter what investment you make for your water removal business, getting the right mix of equipment will help during those dry times. You can rely on First Choice Equipment Sales and Service to recommend the right balance of price and performance for your equipment purchases. Call us to learn more about our inventory of new, used, and rental equipment at (719) 240-4930.


1Warren Buffet


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