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Desiccant Dehumidifiers

  • Phoenix D850 Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • Stulz 700cfm Portable Desiccant
  • Phoenix 4800 CFM Propane Desiccant Dehumidifier


  • Phoenix XPOWER XD-125Li Dehumidifier
  • Phoenix 250 Max Dehumidifier
  • Phoenix Dry Max BLE LGR Dehumidifier
  • XPower XD-85LH Commercial Dehumidifier

Negative Air Machines and Mobile Containment

  • Bulldog Durable Polymer Negative Air Machine
  • HEPA-AIRE Galvanized Steel Negative Air Machine
  • AIRE-GUARDIAN® 8000 Mobile Containment Cart
  • AIRE GUARDIAN® 3000 Mobile Containment Cube

Heating Equipment

  • Phoenix FireBird Compact 20 Electric Heat Drying System
  • Phoenix Firebird Heat Drying System
  • Vulcan RT Drying Heater
  • Vulcan Structural Drying Heater


  • XPower F-8 Cold Fogger
  • XPower F-16 Cold Fogger


Asbestos & Abatement Products

  • NovaStrip Infared Tile Stripper
  • OmniAire 2000V HEPA Air Machine
  • Omniguard 5 Pressure Monitor

Air Movers & Dryers, Axial and Ventilator Fans

  • Phoenix Focus II Air Mover
  • XPower Axial Air Mover X-34R
  • Phoenix Axial Air Mover
  • XPower/Viking PDS-12 Dryer
  • XPower/Viking PDS-21 Pressurized Drying System
  • Phoenix Focus II Dual Axial Fans
  • Power Industrial Ventilator Confined Space Fan
  • XPower X-47ATR Axial Fan 1/3 or 1/4 HP

Ozone Generator

  • Titan 1000 UVA/TiO2  Photocatalytic Hydroxyl/Ionized
    Hydro-Peroxide Generator
  • Titan 2000 Max UVA/TiO2 Photocatalytic Hydroxyl/Ionized
    Hydro-Peroxide Generator
  • Titan 4000 Max UVA /TiO2 Photocatalytic Hydroxyl/Ionized
    Hydro-Peroxide Generator
  • Vortex Evaporative Humidity Injector

Air Scrubbers and HEPA Equipment

  • XPower 2-speed Portable Air Scrubber
  • XPower Air Variable Speed Scrubber
  • XPower Mini Air Scrubber
  • XPower X-3580 Professional 4- Stage HEPA Air Scrubber
  • XPower X-3780 Professional 4- Stage HEPA Air Scrubber
  • Phoenix Guardian HEPA System
  • Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System
  • Phoenix Mini-Guardian HEPA System


We service and sell drying equipment to restoration companies located in Colorado in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Southern Colorado, Florida, California, New Mexico, Texas, Texas Panhandle, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and across the United States.
We offer equipment rentals and repair services for desiccants and other drying equipment. Call us for an estimate.

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