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National 5700 Ride-On Floor Scraper
Remove linoleum, ceramic tile, carpet, and more!

Sale Price: $39,000

Delivery not included

Call (719) 240-4930 or (719) 240-4929 for details about delivery and pick-up times.

Transport the equipment on a custom trailer -- call for pricing.


Dimensions: 24.5" x 54" x 50.5"
Weight: 2,244 lb (185 lb removable weight)
Power Frequency: 120V / 60 Hz
Maximum Speed: 120 ft/min
  • Seat Switch: Ensures the machine will not function without someone in the operator's seat.
  • 18” Wheels: Designed to work on all types of applications, including debris build-up and slippery/slimy residue (e.g. double stick).
  • Onboard Battery Charger: Recharges onboard battery pack.
  • Adjustable Slide Plate: Affords maximum versatility in blade settings.
  • Forklift Cups: Makes it easier to load and unload on job sites.
  • Control Levers: Move forward or in reverse, turn, and brake with easy-to-move levers.
  • DC Motor Pump Compartment: Provides easy access to the motor for maintenance purposes.
  • Adjustable Foot Rests: Adjusts to operator’s level of comfort.
  • Cutting Head Cylinder Lift: Changes the angle of the cutting head via the control handle next to the operator seat.
  • Debris Deflector: Redirects debris away from the operator.
  • Swivel Cutting Head: Ensures continuous blade contact with the floor.
  • Headlight: Illuminates work zone
Phoenix Xtreme Xtractor with Vac Pack
  • Lightly used.

Call for details about rental costs and availability.

Phoenix VacPac
  • Good condition.

Call for details about rental costs and availability.

Drieaz Centrifugal Air Machines
  • Units have been cleaned and serviced.
  • Stackable.
  • Nice condition.
  • Unit rents for $50 per day + delivery.

Call for details about availability and pick-up and delivery costs.