Air Movers

New And Used Air Movers

These air mover fans from our Denver headquarters repair water damage by blowing a high volume of air across and over a wet surface, thereby accelerating the drying process. First Choice Equipment Sales & Service carries a range commercial drying equipment, including air movers by Phoenix and Viking. Call us today for more information about air mover repair, service or rental– we’re available 24/7 to answer your questions for customers across the USA.

How to Choose the Best Air Mover

Over the last few years the restoration industry has been flooded with different makes and models of air movers. There are so many air movers and commercial drying equipment to choose from at our Denver-based supplier. So how do you know which ones are the best? When we offer air movers to our customers, there are a few suggestions that we make.

How easy is it to repair?

The most important factor for choosing an air mover, no matter the manufacturer, is to see if you can buy parts to fix them. No air mover is built to last a life time. With contractors loading and unloading the air mover countless times, something will break. First Choice offers air mover repair in Denver and across the US if anything should happen.

Where is the Air Mover built?

Another deciding factor is where the air movers are built. Yes, we sell one off brand of air mover made in China, but for the most part, we push American made air movers and commercial drying equipment at our Denver location. Most of these air movers such as Viking, Phoenix and Drieaz air movers last longer also.

Different Types

There are two different types of air movers. One air mover is a centrifugal air mover, which looks like a whistle, and the another air mover is an axial, which is also called a box fan or air mover. The axial air movers are typically a stonger cfm and can deliver more air for a less amp draw.

Air movers whether centrifugal or axial can be purchased on our web site. Please feel free to call First Choice in Denver, Colorado with any questions regarding commercial drying equipment and air mover repair, service, rental or sales.