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Who Should Be Trained?

When you become an employee at the national head-quarters of one of the big disaster restoration franchise companies, one of the first things you’re required to do is attend the same training program that all the new franchisees do. This is a grueling two week course with […]

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Go Soft and Save

As a restoration contractor, you have many tools to choose from. Some are of higher quality than others. But you may never think about the quality of one of your most important tools; water. Its ability or inability to clean well is directly related to its hardness. […]

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Listen to Your Customers

“There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak”. – Simon Sinek When we’re well versed on a particular subject, or a working professional, we tend to get excited about that topic and want to share our knowledge. After all, the reason we […]

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The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Portable Extractor

For restoration contractors, truckmounts are incredibly valuable tools – in fact, for many contractors they’re the only equipment form factor they use for extraction and cleaning. Some have even told us they never use a portable extractor. But while your truckmount may be the most powerful tool […]

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Check Twice, Sign Once

John was having one of those days. The phone was ringing off the hook, one of his techs didn’t show up for work, his computer crashed and so had his marketing rep – in the company’s brand-new car. Under these circumstances, you really can’t blame him for […]

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The Wait

Here’s a pop quiz for you. Which one of the following statements describes “dwell time”? A. The time that cargo remains in a terminal’s in-transit storage area while awaiting shipment. B. The interval that something therapeutic or diagnostic remains inside a patient’s body. C. The time you […]

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What Not to Say

What motivates a client to return to you and your company the next time they need a restoration service? We’d like to believe that clients make completely rational and impartial purchasing decisions solely based on expertise, quality of work and service, but it also has a lot […]

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Let Your Truckmount Breathe

Are you frustrated by the frequency of your truckmounts overheating or breaking down? Would you like to know how to prevent that from happening? Well, find an empty desk, sharpen your pencil and pay attention because the following is a truckmount preservation test: 1. How do you […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, The Air Capital of The World What is Wichita, Kansas known for? Once known as a “Cowtown,” the city of Wichita is now more famously known as “The Air Capital of the World!” A major center of the domestic aircraft industry, it’s also an unfortunate fact […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in Texas and Oklahoma

Texas and Oklahoma were once represented the western frontier, wild and tumultuous places where it seemed like anything could happen. Although the days of the “Wild West” and the America’s Western Frontier are long gone, the grit and perseverance, also known as the “cowboy spirit”, of those […]

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