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Stulz DRY 700 CFM Desiccant


Daily rental is $275.00
Weekly rental is $1375.00

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Portability / Manueverability

• Lifting handles on all sides

• 12’ power cord with integral stowage

• Heavy duty wheels on solid steel axle

• Streamlined design to fit through doorways

• Narrow width wheels fi t on common truck ramps

High Capacity

• Delivers 700 scfm with 2.5” ESP

• 9 KW reactivation heater to remove 44 gallons per day

(352 pints) @ 80°F / 60%RH inlet conditions

• Independent process and reactivation inlet and outlet connections

Solid Construction

• Rugged all aluminum cabinet construction

• Durable powder coat finish

• Differential pressure gauges for balancing air flow across rotor

• 30% pleated inlet air filters

• Proportional controlled electric reactivation

• Built in air proving and temperature over heat protection

• Beaded air connections to accomodate 8” round flexduct

Control Panel

• Simple On-Off-Auto selector switch

• LED indicator lights

• Rotary non-fused disconnect switch

• Run time hour meter visible without removing panels

• Heater power selector allows unit operation at 24.7

amps or 50.8 amps

• Circuit breaker branch protection (UL489); no fuses to replace

The operation of the DRY-700 desiccant system is based on two counter current air streams flowing through a desiccant

wheel. Air to be dehumidified is drawn through the rotating desiccant wheel. The desiccant adsorbs moisture from

the air stream and the dry supply air is sent to the conditioned space. The moisture containing portion of the wheel

rotates into the regeneration section. The desiccant releases the adsorbed moisture into the heated regeneration air

stream which is then exhausted to the outside.

Process Volume: 700 SCFM

Moisture Removal: 44 gal/day*

Heater Watts: 9.0 kW

ESP Process: 2.5” wc

ESP Reactivation: 1” wc

Weight: 330 lbs

Dimensions: 65.5” x 28.0” x 37.5

Full load amps: 50.8 A @ 230/1/60

Accessories / Options:

• 3” wide foam filled tires for improved mobility

• Voltage monitor

• Emergency stop push button

• Humidistat (cycles reactivation blower heater on/off

in response to humidity)

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