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Should It Be Dried? Three Factors to Consider

“How fast can it be dried?”, is a question that comes up often enough. Although many of you are restoration professionals, that doesn’t mean that you’ve learned all there is to know. Not in this business. Not only is it constantly changing and evolving but every job […]

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Don’t Bite the Dust

A dust explosion on February 7, 2008 in Port Wentworth Georgia killed fourteen people and injured forty. The explosion occurred at a sugar refinery owned by Imperial Sugar and was fueled by massive accumulations of combustible sugar dust throughout the packaging building. How Does This Happen? Could […]

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Equipment Maintenance, An Ounce of Prevention

You spend a ton of money on restoration equipment. That’s a huge investment for many of you, although it’s probably safe to say that much of it has already paid for itself. Now the trick is keeping all of it maintained and running smoothly. A maintenance schedule […]

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Understanding Your Dehumidifier Specs

When checking out the specs on a dehumidifier, you’ll usually find listed under the section “Water Removal” two numbers. One is noted as AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) and one is “Capacity at Saturation”. But what do these numbers represent and how are they calculated? Association […]

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Go Soft and Save

As a restoration contractor, you have many tools to choose from. Some are of higher quality than others. But you may never think about the quality of one of your most important tools; water. Its ability or inability to clean well is directly related to its hardness. […]

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The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Portable Extractor

For restoration contractors, truckmounts are incredibly valuable tools – in fact, for many contractors they’re the only equipment form factor they use for extraction and cleaning. Some have even told us they never use a portable extractor. But while your truckmount may be the most powerful tool […]

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Let Your Truckmount Breathe

Are you frustrated by the frequency of your truckmounts overheating or breaking down? Would you like to know how to prevent that from happening? Well, find an empty desk, sharpen your pencil and pay attention because the following is a truckmount preservation test: 1. How do you […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, The Air Capital of The World What is Wichita, Kansas known for? Once known as a “Cowtown,” the city of Wichita is now more famously known as “The Air Capital of the World!” A major center of the domestic aircraft industry, it’s also an unfortunate fact […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in Texas and Oklahoma

Texas and Oklahoma were once represented the western frontier, wild and tumultuous places where it seemed like anything could happen. Although the days of the “Wild West” and the America’s Western Frontier are long gone, the grit and perseverance, also known as the “cowboy spirit”, of those […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in California

California is nicknamed The Golden State, and there are many things in California that are golden – the golden sun, the golden beaches, and the golden countryside that produces everything from oranges to avocados to wine grapes, beautiful mountains and, of course, bustling cities such as Los […]

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