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Who Want’s to Be A Salesman?

“Hey boss, there’s a salesman asking for you.” Do you cringe when you hear those words? When you think of salesmen (i.e.salespeople), whom do you envision? Many dislike salespeople because they sometimes seem so pushy. But once you’re in sales, you realize you don’t have to be […]

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Check Twice, Sign Once

John was having one of those days. The phone was ringing off the hook, one of his techs didn’t show up for work, his computer crashed and so had his marketing rep – in the company’s brand-new car. Under these circumstances, you really can’t blame him for […]

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Does Your Restoration Company Have A Strong Brand?

Branding should encompass your entire company, because your entire company represents your brand. Is your restoration business properly branded?

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How To Keep Your Hoses Organized

Floor and wall drying systems can help you save time, money, and resources. Yet the main downside is the large number of hoses they require. Read more to learn how to keep everything organized.

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