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First Choice Drying Equipment in Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, The Air Capital of The World What is Wichita, Kansas known for? Once known as a “Cowtown,” the city of Wichita is now more famously known as “The Air Capital of the World!” A major center of the domestic aircraft industry, it’s also an unfortunate fact […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in Texas and Oklahoma

Texas and Oklahoma were once represented the western frontier, wild and tumultuous places where it seemed like anything could happen. Although the days of the “Wild West” and the America’s Western Frontier are long gone, the grit and perseverance, also known as the “cowboy spirit”, of those […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in California

California is nicknamed The Golden State, and there are many things in California that are golden – the golden sun, the golden beaches, and the golden countryside that produces everything from oranges to avocados to wine grapes, beautiful mountains and, of course, bustling cities such as Los […]

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First Choice Drying Equipment in Denver and Colorado Springs

What’s the Weather Like in Denver & Colorado Springs? Colorado residents know that even if they follow the weather forecast, the weather can change rapidly. Residents of Denver, Colorado Springs, and other cities throughout Colorado can experience a number of different ‘seasons’ in a single week – from […]

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Pass the Test the First Time

Imagine that you’re on a mold remediation job. You’ve safely removed the visible mold, cleaned thoroughly, and now you’re ready to finish up and head home. However, the job isn’t over yet – first you have to pass the post-clearance mold test, which includes a visual inspection […]

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Are You A Carrier? Keep Your Equipment Clean

What’s the best way to prevent microbial growth in your equipment and prevent potential contamination of future jobs? It’s simple: keep your equipment clean

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A Flood of Concerns

Although we may not consciously realize it, we often don’t think twice when we jump into a body of water. Whether it was our first bath as a baby, a visit to the beach, or a cool dip in a mountain lake during the hottest days of […]

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Is Old Equipment Holding Your Company Back?

If you aren’t keeping up with the newest restoration technology, is your business suffering as a result? You may be losing business without even knowing it!

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Texas Flooding

Texas Flooding

To our friends in the areas of Texas with severe flooding, and those friends going to help, be safe. We are here to help with your equipment needs whether for sale or to rent. From large Desiccants and Generators to efficient air movers, we have the equipment […]

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Life in the Fast Lane

You drive a vehicle almost every day, for both business and pleasure, and unless you live in a densely-populated urban area with excellent public transportation, it would be pretty inconceivable to go without either your personal and professional vehicles. As the owner or manager of a restoration […]

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