Asbestos and Mold Testing for Southern Colorado

First Choice Asbestos and Mold Testing Services in Southern Colorado

Many of the older buildings in Southern Colorado were originally constructed before the current asbestos regulations. According to newer standards, asbestos testing is required before any new, restoration, demolition or remodeling project starts. Let First Choice be your fully licensed third party asbestos and mold testing experts to keep your project in compliance with Colorado state regulations.

We service Southern Colorado area with licensed asbestos and mold testing services. If you live in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Salida, Alamosa, Gunnison, Lamar, Trinidad or anywhere in between, we provide this service to keep your projects compliant.

Asbestos and Mold Testing Services

Whether you need to remodel or completely demolish a structure, it’s important to remain compliant with state regulations. Have your project inspected by a Colorado-certified asbestos building inspector before you begin construction activities. You already know Beth and Wade as two well-established and trusted experts in the field of fire and water damage restoration. They are committed to bringing their legendary commitment for customer service to their certified asbestos and mold testing services.

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