Everyone in the restoration and carpet cleaning industry send their technicians to an IICRC class to get them trained and certified because they want those employees to be at the top of their game.

Until recently, there was no way to get your sales and marketing team up to speed, except for random and disjointed classes (most of which are taught using old methods).


From our experience over the past 25 years, most restoration contractors hire a marketer and throw them in the deep end of the pool – usually with little guidance. For me, it’s hard to believe that a business owner that depends so heavily on leads, referrals, and jobs coming in, fails to professionally train and coach their marketers!

Marketers need to know, understand, and possess:
  • Marketing Psychology
  • Specific Soft Skills
  • How Restoration Is Unique & Different
  • Differentiation and Personal Branding
  • Computer Skills
  • Social Media Skills

In addition, they need to be especially skilled in the following:

  • How to rank a prospect
  • Where the best ROI is
  • How their work dovetails with the rest of the staff
  • Tracking and Interpreting Their “Numbers”
  • Knowing What Really Works In 2021

As we talk to business owners and managers, we often find out they themselves don’t even know exactly what their marketers should be doing on a daily basis! Many owners don’t track the leads, referrals, and jobs coming into the company. Some don’t know what “source” generated the job. Many owners don’t have any mechanism (reporting forms) in place to hold the marketers accountable!


Owners have told me “I know we’re making money, so I don’t rattle the cage.” If you ask them what the closing ratio is for those leads coming in, they have no idea. Recently, we were asked to evaluate the sales and marketing team, and after a lot of deep digging, we found their one and only “prized” marketer had only brought in ONE job in almost two years on the job. Yes, she was “always busy” and flitted around like the great social butterfly, but likely didn’t realize that it took a lot more than that.

Even worse, was that her boss also didn’t know what she should be doing. Rarely is a marketer successful in their own right, with little or no guidance and accountability. Human nature allows all of us to get comfortable and complacent. Most never step out of their “comfort zone” and thereby fail to keep up with the world.


The new RMS™ class now being offered, gives owners and marketers the finest and latest strategies for being an ultra-high marketing performer. They learn:

  • Each Step to Today’s Specialized Marketing Strategies
  • How Restoration Marketing is So Different
  • Who, What, When, Where & How to Market
  • Personalization – Becoming Your Own Brand
  • How to Become a Million Dollar Producer

It’s no secret that restoration marketers should generate around $1 million dollars a year in revenue. Yet too many companies accept a fraction of that from their marketers. If you divide the number of “marketing hours” (2,000/yr.) into one million dollars, that means your marketer should be generating $500/hour! If you have them spending time on non-income generating “feel good” projects, then you are hurting both yourself and the company.


Author:  Beth Hinton First Choice Equipment Sales & Service