In the selling world, salespeople need, and should seek familiarity with prospects, clients, and customers.  Research has shown that customers forget the technician’s name within a week (after they visited the home). The client also forgot the contractor’s name after 90 – 120 days!


One of the most valuable ways salespeople can create continued name recognition and familiarity is by using the many social media platforms aggressively. I do want to point out that ‘aggressive’ does not mean in your face salesy or obnoxious!


Familiarity is all about touches. The more touches you can have with your prospects and clients, the more you will be Top of Mind. The more top of mind you are, the more people actually like you.  If they like you, you dramatically increase the likelihood they will do business with you.

We are in a world where thousands of messages are thrown at us every day. For you to rise to the top and be seen, and prospects to be aware of you (and your company), you need maximum exposure with quality posts, content, and communication.


By having a robust and consistent engagement on numerous social media platforms, (especially those where your client base is) you raise your visibility significantly. Listed below are numerous different forms or types of Social Media Marketing activities that help you become Top of Mind to your prospects and clients:












Another superb way to gain visibility and develop a “relationship” with potential clients is with Blogging. I hear often from business owners that it takes too much time, or they aren’t good writers, or nobody reads that stuff!

The most important thing you and your sales & marketing team need to do is generate leads, referrals, prospects, and customers. Without customers, nothing else matters. Salespeople can do one on one visits and calls – and that limits the number of exposures and opportunities. Blogging, with good content and a valid title to your post can generate dozens (and even hundreds) of eyes reading or watching your post.

That means while your salesperson is making one visit, many people can be reading your blog article, or watching your edu-tainment videos!


I write approximately 15 blog articles a month for my different websites, and we get as many as 1500-2000 page views per month, so we certainly know it works. Even more importantly, since we do not spend ANY money on advertising, our successful businesses generate all their clients from our aggressive social media efforts.

Author: Dick Wagner, CEO of AskDickWagner LLC, and Co-Founder of The CREST Network LLC,  and CREST Library, Inc   Contact Dick Wagner  –