Can you imagine your salesperson saying that? Sadly, many sales and marketing people have expressed that very sentiment – and their reason?  Read on to learn their worries.

Whiteboards in the office can be used for “info on the fly,” or even more informative status updates. Regular posting of the number of leads each week by marketer, or number of closed jobs can provide valuable awareness for the office.

Many offices track the types of jobs, status of the project, and numerous other important data. By posting it on a whiteboard, where the entire office can see, it serves several purposes. Awareness, encouragement, and accountability are some. In addition, the ability for anyone – at a glance – can see workload, progress, and even if you are “slow” during the week or month.

We’ve found whiteboards (dry erase boards) can be used in the shop as well to highlight repair status of equipment, number of air movers out on jobs, (or how many are left in the warehouse). These boards mounted near the time clock can be used to let the technicians know of urgent issues, upcoming safety classes, and even say “Thank You” to certain employees to publicly acknowledge them.

Offices that continually update their monthly sales goal on the whiteboard for the sales department will almost always have a higher level of success! It follows the adage; “what’s in writing – gets done!”

Another modern-day proverb is “if it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist.” Yes, it may very well be in writing on a spreadsheet buried deep in the file folders on your company server, but that doesn’t help the entire company know what your organization needs to achieve that month.  A highly effective way for owners to engage and encourage employee involvement in the success of the company is to post goals, status, notices, and encouragement for all to see. Several boards around the office are common.

It has been proven over and over that companies engaging their employees in the successes and struggles of the company are far more aware of the challenges you face. It always improves morale and almost always enhances sales and profit.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that sales and marketing people often do NOT embrace whiteboards. Why? Unfortunately, most sales and marketing people (it’s estimated that 95%) do not want any accountability! They don’t want their boss or other staff knowing how well they are doing each day, and certainly don’t want to highlight their efforts when those efforts are less than stellar. Most marketers hate to submit a daily report listing their calls, visits, and other activities. Daily reports shine the light on their sales efforts (or lack of effort) and most marketers don’t want to take responsibility.

I should also mention… if your marketer doesn’t want or won’t accept accountability… you need to replace them, fast.

Authors: Dick Wagner and Beth Hinton