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We’ve been in the age of technology for many years, but as the industry steers through the “pandemic,” the demand for a strong and robust digital presence is greater than ever. You either embrace it – or become irrelevant.

Restoration contractors throughout the country are facing challenges like nothing seen before. Since restoration businesses are considered essential, they’re not only dealing with the health and safety risks, but many are struggling with economic concerns that can have an extremely negative impact on their businesses.


Reach out to them and ask them how they are being affected. Restoration contractors generally fall into the category of “small business,” and that makes it easier for you to interact on a more personal level with clients. Ask your clients, customers, and even your prospects what their biggest needs are!  People trust brands that embrace their clients and reach out to them during the difficult times. What better way to show value than to offer your support, encouragement, and help?

Technology, as it is today in 2020, makes it fast and easy to communicate with prospects and clients using test, email, Facebook groups, Twitter interaction, and LinkedIn.


With the pandemic, stay-at-home company strategies have rocketed to use of video conferences such as GoToMeeting and Zoom. I should note here that Zoom has exploded in growth (their increase in business is 1900% since December 2019). Even sending short videos to clients, customers, and prospects within an email have had a massive increase in acceptance.  Nationally, emails are opened only 15% of the time.  When the subject line includes mention of a video attached, the open rate skyrockets with some experts saying higher than 65% open.  People love videos and will watch short (2 minute) videos of you personally speaking to them!


The amount of time people are spending on various social media apps has significantly increased. Many are at home, with time to spend on the computer or their phone or tablet. Many are bored and trying to pass the time. Others are working hard to reach prospects and clients to keep themselves top of mind.  Interaction and engagement on social sites and apps have led to a faster and more efficient way to connect.

Prospects can choose to ignore you, but when they do engage, it’s an excellent way for the marketer to develop a relationship.


As Customer Service Reps, (CSR’s) Marketers, and Salespeople continue to learn all the available technology, this phenomenon of technology commitment  with clients especially will almost surely become a new way of doing business.

This new method of contacting, networking, and doing business is here to stay – long after the “pandemic” has faded into the sunset.  Business must continue, and technology will continue to play a major part of our life and business.

Author:  Beth Hinton & Dick Wagner




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