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There are many ways to “improve your restoration company performance” but I only want to talk about a couple key points that are often forgotten or at least put on the back burner. One is buying new equipment at the right price, and the second point is buying used equipment.

Many “supply houses” claim to offer exceptional service to justify their extremely high prices. They give credits toward classes, they promise to open their store in the middle of the night, or even go out of their way to deliver equipment to you on a weekend where possible.


The reality of many of these supply houses is they simply charge a lot more for the same product offered at a small independent distributor and most often, that smaller company goes a long way toward providing exceptional customer service AND has a lower price.  All to often we get caught up in believing bigger is better or choose to do business with the loudest distributor – simply because they seem to be everywhere.

The vast majority of restoration contractors are smaller (sometimes mom & pop) companies with just a few employees. It makes sense to send your equipment business to similar smaller distributors, rather than always calling the “big boys.”


Purchasing a specific piece of equipment – same make and model – available from the big boys at a premium price, vs. the same product from a smaller distributor, offering first rate service is a no-brainer! Remember, those “free” services the big boys offer or “include” always cost something! You are paying for that premium service, classrooms, free lunches, the overhead of that big warehouse, and much more. Don’t be lulled into believing higher prices are OK from the big distributors.


Like the Salvation Army Thrift Shop, they take gently used things and check and clean them and offer them for sale in a very plain basic store with very few frills and small overhead. Buying used equipment from a company like First Choice Equipment Sales is similar. Every piece of used equipment coming into our facility is thoroughly checked, tested, cleaned, and certified for resale. (If we can’t promise that – then we tell you it’s sold “as is)”

We buy good used equipment, often from companies that closed, or downsized, or upgraded their fleet of equipment, or even changed business direction. Once we have completely “certified” the equipment we offer it to our clients at very reduced prices. You benefit by getting good equipment, excellent service, and very favorable prices.


First Choice has become the national clearinghouse for good used equipment for the restoration industry. Our overhead is low, shipping is readily available, prices are right, and service is superb! When we started this article, we wanted to help you improve your company performance.  That could mean more profit, better efficiency, enough equipment to take on more jobs, or simply reduce costs. We can help with all of this!

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