Smell of curry FCDE- July 2020

Let’s face it, it may be difficult to remove the smell of curry. The curry spice is a finely ground powder that easily diffuses during cooking, much like soot will during a structure fire. It floats into every nook and cranny. Mix that with hot oil spatter that usually goes along with recipes that include curry and you get a one-two punch of a fuse of powder and oily residue which make removal and deodorization a challenge.

Smell of Curry

You’ll get a higher concentration of curry residue in the area around where it’s used, typically the stove and kitchen. Because of this, stove hoods should be taken down and cleaned. Air ducts may need to be cleaned and sealed, and in some extreme cases, cabinets may need to be removed so you’re able to clean behind and under them. A heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser will help remove the curry residue.

Then thermal fog a powerful heat- activated odor counteractant. It will follow the same path of the curry odor vapors onto surfaces as well as into cracks and crevices. Give it an hour of dwell time followed by ventilation. Contact us, we can help at First Choice Equipment and Sales.