Customer appreciation is a big deal! Have you ever had a terrific customer experience? Perhaps the bank waived a fee for you when they didn’t have to. Or a company may not have only taken care of a problem you had, but then followed up to make sure everything was cool. Or maybe they just treated you like a human being.

One example: a man bought an iPad, then returned it to the company almost immediately, affixing a Post-It to the front of the device that simply read, “Wife said no.” Returns processors must have gotten a kick out of it, because the story eventually made its way to a couple of Apple VPs who refunded the customer and returned the iPad with a Post-It that said, “Apple said yes.”
But you don’t have to be an Apple-sized business to make your company memorable.

Customer Appreciation-Up A Notch

• Daily texts/emails – send them to the customer,
adjuster and agent, updating them on the progress
of work on the property. The more communication
you have with your customer, the more likely they’ll
let you know of issues early on, allowing you to fix
them before they escalate.

• Conduct regular re-inspections – not only do
inspections help to make sure the job is getting done
correctly, but your presence can reassure your
customer that “the boss” is on top of things.

• Create an incentive plan – award your employees
for achieving good results. This can improve the
quality of their work and their attitude. And happy
employees usually produce happier customers.

• Stick it – place “Inspected By (employee’s name)”
stickers on every box of contents and piece of
furniture you return to a customer. Not only will your
customer appreciate the added attention to detail but
an employee’s name attached can help ensure
each item was actually cleaned and inspected.

• Don’t forget your booties – slip these on before
entering any undamaged part of a customer’s house.
It’s their home and should be treated with respect.

• Have some class – have regular customer service
classes with your staff. What you may think is just
common sense may be a whole new idea for some.

• Send thank you cards – when a job’s done, send a
sincere, personalized, handwritten thank you card in
the mail to the customer. That’ll distinguish your
company from most all other businesses.

Taking that extra step in customer service can result in increased customer loyalty, a better trained staff, and positive word of mouth advertising.