How do we remain calm today? During 1940-41 in WWII, England suffered from 57 continuous nights of bombing by a German aerial assault followed by an intensifying series of nighttime raids over the next six months. Although London was hit the hardest, the civilian death toll in the United Kingdom during that time period reached almost 45,000, with over 52,000 injured. These bombings were indiscriminate, so Englanders, Londoners in particular, were never certain they’d wake to a new day.

The Calm Approach

The government was concerned that the bombing campaign would cause a collapse in morale. However, while official reports described moments of public hysteria and panic during early raids they didn’t lead to widespread defeatism as they had feared. Instead resilience increased as civilians adapted to the difficult and exhausting conditions. In fact, many of the public became quite stoic in their attitudes and followed the advice of one of the morale boosting posters that was displayed across the British Isles. It simply said, “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

A Lesson Learned

We can take lessons from this and apply them to the current coronavirus pandemic. Panicking gets us nowhere. We’ve gone through our own bombardment, but in our case, a good one of constant reminders of what we need to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Unfortunately, there have been a few stink bombs of misinformation that have crept in. But as long as we follow the recommendations of leading and known professional organizations like the CDC, WHO, and OSHA, we’ll be okay. At First Choice Equipment Sales and Service we got you covered with the most up to date equipment and professional advice.

As disaster restoration professionals, you are perfectly suited to respond to this situation. Since many of you already deal regularly with mold, lead, asbestos, meth and crime scene cleanup, you have the equipment to help tackle this problem. But more information, especially since this is a new virus, is always helpful. So check out these recommendations:

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By adapting a composed demeanor, we can help our friends, family and customers to stay calm during the next few weeks or months and carry on.