So, what is a mico storm? At the very mention of hurricane season, some disaster restoration contractors start salivating like Pavlov’s dog. Some years end up being very active, but others, not so much.

They Can Pop Up Anywhere

But regardless of whether hurricanes come calling or not, or if you live hundreds of miles away from the ocean, you can still experience similar conditions. Micro-storms can pop up anywhere and can produce damage sometimes not unlike a hurricane. When these unexpected storms occur, the phone starts ringing off the wall and your staff starts a list of names and phone numbers on a yellow pad, promising to call those affected people back when you can get a crew out to their house. So being prepared for these is important in order to help as many people as you can.

Prepare For The Storm

Before a storm ever hits your area, you can already be primed to go with some advanced planning.
1. Set up multiple phone lines
2. Know where to quickly get temporary labor to increase your office and production staff
3. Establish locations for additional warehouse space
4. Make arrangements with suppliers of emergency power generators
5. Safely store extra gasoline. Once a storm hits, it may be hard to find
6. Have arrangements with local hotels to help customers find temporary housing
7. Provide copies of licenses for contractors or subcontractors that you ask for assistance
8. Prepare all necessary forms and price-lists

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

As the National Weather Service’s long-range hurricane forecasting can sometimes be unreliable, a micro-storm is just as unpredictable, if not more so. The moral of the story is: make hay while the sun shines because once it gets cloudy, it’s too late.

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