Do you know what’s worse than bragging? Bragging about something you haven’t actually done. In some circles this is referred to as “lying”. But when it comes to marketing your business, bragging is a good thing, as long as you can back it up. That’s why it’s so important to put together a “brag book”. You can tell people how great you are until the cows come home and many won’t believe you. But seeing it in print and pictures can make all of difference.

Marketing Necessity For Prospective Customers and Insurance Agents

Customer testimonials – these are glowing reviews from happy customers. When your customer is thanking you for the fine work you’ve done restoring their home or place of business, don’t be shy about asking for a written testimonial (or even better, a video) recommendation. Also ask them if it would be okay to use their full name and phone number so they may be contacted.

Pictures, pictures, pictures – the more the better. Before, during and after pictures are the best for the greatest wow factor.

Show you’re certified – have a copy of your licenses, certifications and memberships to trade groups and anything that shows you’re in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Extra Credit Bragging

When showing the book to adjusters, you might also want a picture of a smiling person answering your phones, pictures of your techs in training, and your policy on drug testing and background checks.

In the old days (>10 years ago) your reps may have had to lug around a big heavy book. But now with tablets and smart phones, it makes it very easy to show this info in an interesting way. It also allows you to make use of videos, especially with customer referrals and the before, during and after shots. Since we’ve all been trained from infancy to watch moving figures on a screen (any screen), these are particularly effective.

At First Choice Drying and Equipment we know how special your business is and we think it should showcase the unique points that set you apart from others. That is what gives you bragging rights that highlights your professional team.

So go ahead, brag a little. Before you know it, others will be bragging on you!