Adding additional services to your business requires some initial preparation, no doubt about that! But, it also requires a vision for the future.

There once was a contractor named Clyde
Who took all of his business in stride
He planned to expand
Thinking it would be grand
Never believing there could be a downside.

What’s the Downside to Adding Services?

There could possibly be some if you’re not prepared and haven’t done your homework. Here are some critical questions to ask yourself before making that leap:

• Do you have the capacity – both physically and financially – to add new services?
• Do you have the right personnel in place to handle the work?
• Is there training involved?
• If so, do you have the time and means for you and your staff to learn the new skills needed?
• Do you have a marketing plan in place that will make sure new services do not die on the vine?
• Does it make sense? (Does it relate to your current business?)

Do Your Homework

It’s easy to get excited about adding a new service, especially when you see it making a profit for other contractors. But since you’re not them, do the research first and make sure that it’s a good move for your company and that your investment and time will be well spent. Changes are not always easy when it comes to business but could be exactly what you needed, but just didn’t know.