Those of you who do mold mitigation know that it’s not something that any Tom, Dick or Harry can do. You’ve been trained on the safety precautions and the multiple steps required to complete the process. But sometimes mistakes are made or bad habits might possibly creep into your methods.

Look Out For Common Errors

Be alert to the fact you are not scattering mold spores. Don’t fire up air movers until all the areas affected by mold have first been contained. Otherwise you could end up with a much more widespread cleanup or you may trigger health problems.

Make sure before anyone even walks into a mold contaminated structure that they have proper respiratory protection. Breathing without protection is not an option. The very least you should be wearing is an N95 with eye protection, yet a half or full face with a HEPA filter is recommended.

Remember There Are Faulty Filters

Just because a vacuum claims to have a HEPA filter doesn’t mean that it’s doing the job of a true HEPA. So make sure your vacuum is one designed for this work. (NOTE: To properly do its job, the filter has to be seated snugly with no air leakage around the sides.)

Don’t eat, drink or look pretty. Eating, drinking, and using tobacco products and cosmetics where mold remediation is taking place should be avoided to prevent unnecessary contamination and/or ingestion of mold. All of these alerts should be second nature but we know that there is always the possibility of a mishap.

Keep Mold At Bay

As you may have noted, this list doesn’t have as much to do with the actual cleanup then it does with protecting the health of your techs and customers. There seems to be plenty of health issues out there that science hasn’t figured out how to avoid yet. But by taking the needed precautions we can eliminate any undue risks or further contamination.