What is the Green Revolution you ask? There was once a time in many American cities when the air pollution was so bad, it made the world look like an old sepia-toned photograph – and it didn’t smell that great either. But eventually conditions improved somewhat as regulations took effect. This was at the start of the green revolution.

Today as a restoration contractor, your business is also being asked to go green as more and more customers are insisting upon it. Some of you may have fought against it, thinking that it’s not easy being green. But the times they are a-changin’. Here are some factors to consider.

Green Really is Clean

Although some earlier “Green” products may not have had great cleaning power, newer technologies have vastly improved them. Of course it helps to use the right product for the right job. Discuss it with a knowledgeable distributor so that you can make an informed selection.

Green Products Are Not Expensive

The idea that they cost too much may also be a leftover from the earlier days of green chemical production. To get these cleaners certified the manufacturer may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars which adds to the cost. But there are more producers of these cleaners today then ever before which means more competition and lower prices.

Green Procedures

Proper usage of these products is just as important as with any other. Just because it’s labeled “Green” doesn’t mean that you can use it with impunity. Adverse reactions are still possible in certain situations and using too much can leave residues that could contribute to the growth of mold or bacteria. You’ll need to follow the directions for these products just as closely as non-green products.

Green Benefits

Increase your customer base and help your business grow by making green products a focus of your marketing and advertising. This isn’t a fad; it’s here to stay and will grow in popularity. Also, regulatory issues are bound to increase, so get ahead of the curve by embracing green cleaning technology now.