It’s a common practice among most restoration contractors to clean their equipment once it’s back in the shop. You do it so it’s more presentable and also to avoid cross contamination between jobs. But when it comes to mold contamination, not cleaning it until it’s returned to your warehouse may be too late. The best option is to clean equipment prior to leaving the job-site.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

On all Category 3 water losses, equipment decontamination or containment before leaving the job site is essential to prevent cross contamination of vehicles, facilities or future jobs on which that equipment will be used. It does you no good to clean and decontaminate the heck out of your equipment at your warehouse if you’re just going to load them back in the same vehicle they left the job in.

Carrying Mold Spores Home

For example, it’s very common for families who escape from a mold-polluted residence to cross-contaminate their new place of residence to which they move by carrying the spores on themselves, clothing and possessions. You can do the same by not decontaminating your equipment on site.

It’s also a good idea to discard used Tyvek suits at the job site if possible. If not, then tie them up tightly in a trash bag until you can dispose of them. And be sure that all uniforms, even those that were covered with PPE, are laundered immediately.

By doing this and regularly decontaminating your vehicles, you’ll greatly reduce the possibility of giving mold spores a free ride to your next job.