The economy stinks. The weather’s been too dry. We didn’t have a winter. Mercury and Venus left Jupiter’s side and joined Mars in Taurus. (That’s a lot of people in a sedan). There are a multitude of reasons, both real and perceived, why your business may have been slow lately. This is especially true if you rely solely on fire and/or water damage.

Diversify and Branch Out

So if your business isn’t growing fast enough, what do you do? You make like a tree and branch out. Diversify. Start doing the type of work that’s closely related to what you’re already doing. Why contract it out when you can do it yourself and take 100% of the profit? Here are a few ideas:

Duct cleaning – with a small investment and a little training, this can really pay off. Contractors who do this kind of work say they can do 2 homes a day at around $500 each.

Thermal imaging inspections & surveys – electrical problems, roof leaks, heat loss due to bad windows and seals, water damage, etc., can all be found with your thermal imager. Finding these problems sooner than later will greatly reduce damage and repair costs associated with them. Offer free inspections and then contract out or do the job yourself. (Don’t wing it. Be sure to take a course on the proper use and translation of the information presented on your thermal imaging camera).

Ultrasonic cleaning – you should already have invested in an ultrasonic machine for contents cleaning (and hopefully been trained). But since those units will thoroughly clean almost anything, get a portable unit too.

Possibilities are Endless

• Find a golf course where they’ll let you set up a unit for cleaning the golfer’s clubs. You can easily clean a whole set in just a couple of minutes and charge $10-$20 each. It’s also great marketing for your restoration business.

• Window blinds are getting fancier, more popular and more expensive. Having them cleaned is cheaper than replacing them. Ultrasonic companies make long, narrow units for cleaning them. Set up a mobile unit and go to town.

• Ultrasonic machines can also clean up soft items such as stuffed animals, sports equipment, dolls, area carpets, bags, etc. In fact, using ultrasonics on items that are typically dry cleaned can provide better results.

There’s also carpet and upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, odor control, janitorial services, etc. And the best thing of all about this type of work? You don’t have to wait for when (or if) an insurance company is going to pay so expand your scope of business and increase your customer base. Also keep in mind that at First Choice we have  rental equipment.