“Hey boss, there’s a salesman asking for you.” Do you cringe when you hear those words? When you think of salesmen (i.e.salespeople), whom do you envision?

Many dislike salespeople because they sometimes seem so pushy. But once you’re in sales, you realize you don’t have to be like that. In fact, you’re much more successful when you’re not. The pushy ones will make sales, but you can bet they don’t have many repeat customers.

You Are a Salesman Too

The truth of the matter is – you are a salesperson. Or at least you had better be. In fact, everybody in your organization is somehow involved in sales. If they have any contact whatsoever with your customers, they’re in sales.

The definition of a salesperson is, “a person employed to represent a business and to sell its merchandise or services.” So who represents your business? Sure, your marketing staff does. But so does the person who answers your phone, your production staff and anyone else who comes into contact, even briefly, with your customers.

Who Represents Your Company?

Your staff should understand that they are part of the sales process because they are representing your company – not only when they’re working but every time they’re in contact with people. In our business, everyone we meet is a potential customer. So whether your employees are on the job or driving your marked vehicles or they’re anywhere in public with your logoed uniform on, their conduct reflects on your company and can affect future sales, both positively and negatively.

Death of a Salesman may be a famous play, but it could also be the literal outcome of not representing your company in a favorable light.‚Äč