You spend a ton of money on restoration equipment. That’s a huge investment for many of you, although it’s probably safe to say that much of it has already paid for itself. Now the trick is keeping all of it maintained and running smoothly.

A maintenance schedule ensures that your equipment continues to work at its full potential, makes it more reliable and gives it longer life. Although the following tips may fall into the “No duh” category for many of you, they’re overlooked more often than you may think.

Read the Manual

Before using a new piece of equipment, read the owner’s manual, paying close attention to the operating and maintenance instructions. Save and file these for easy access. Make it a point to follow all listed maintenance schedules.

Safety First

When replacing or fixing, use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, filters and fluids, even if you’re only replacing the electrical cord. If you don’t, then you not only void the warranty, but that unit also loses its safety rating (UL/ETL), leaving you open to possible litigation if it causes any damage.

Care for Your Truckmount

If you own a truckmount, having it repaired by a company who isn’t authorized by the manufacturer can void the warranty. So when purchasing a truckmount, add into your decision making process whether there’s an authorized mechanic nearby for the unit you buy.

Equipment Upkeep

Build a comprehensive schedule that includes all of your equipment, from vehicles to dehus. The “when” and “what” are different for each, so you may want just one dedicated maintenance person in charge of it.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As it so happens, it’ll also save you a bunch of Benjamins.