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Respect Your Client’s Home

Have you ever toured a historic home? Perhaps the previous digs of a former president, author, or heroic figure? Those into history enjoy these, imagining life as it was when the house was occupied. The frustrating aspect of these tours can be the dreaded velvet ropes. Sometimes all they allow is a peek into a room from the hallway when what history aficionados really long to do is walk and look everywhere, maybe poking their nose into drawers or closets so they could enjoy the total experience. But since the world is full of people who steal or get off by spray painting or carving their names upon even the most hallowed places, there’s the need to protect certain areas with ropes and locked cabinets.

The thing is, all of us feel that way about where we live – you, your neighbors, friends and family. None of us may be famous but our house is our castle, our inner sanctum, our refuge from the world, our home. It’s been said that, “Home is where your stuff is.” That’s true, but we all know that it surpasses that. And if anyone ever treated it disrespectfully, we’d show them the door and advise them not to let the screen door hit ’em on the way out.

Remember…It’s Still Someone’s Home

So when you and your techs enter a customer’s home, do you consider that? You want to be respectful even on commercial jobs, but this is a private residence. This is someone’s HOME. And no matter how many times you walk in and out of it, it’s still someone’s HOME. If parts of the house are undamaged then you should put up mental velvet ropes and stay out of those areas. A homeowner’s personal effects that have to be handled should be treated like your own or as if they had just been removed from a display case, regardless of actual monetary worth.

When you do the same type of job day in and day out it’s easy to get complacent. But in an industry where you get up-close and personal with your customers on a daily basis, it’s important to keep in mind the sanctity of their home. They may have invited you in out of need, but no doubt many of them consider you only a necessary evil and place you in a category just slightly above intruders. Yet if you treat their home as if it were a museum and their belongings as priceless artifacts, that will go a long way toward raising their comfort level with you.

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