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Let Your Truckmount Breathe

Are you frustrated by the frequency of your truckmounts overheating or breaking down? Would you like to know how to prevent that from happening? Well, find an empty desk, sharpen your pencil and pay attention because the following is a truckmount preservation test:
1. How do you keep a truckmount from shutting down due to vapor lock?
2. How do you keep it from overheating?
3. How do you keep your truck from becoming a pile of scorched metal and melted rubber?

One of the answers to all three of these questions is: ventilation. Simply put, you can extend the life of your truckmounts by ensuring that they are properly ventilated when in use.

Overheating Can Be Prevented

Overheating may not be much of a problem in the early spring, late fall and winter, but summer is now upon us. However, overheating isn’t just due to an elevated outside temperature. Here are four situations that could lead to truckmount overheating and truck fires that are related to ventilation:

1. Piling equipment around and next to the truckmount
2. Keeping doors closed
3. Lack of a roof vent
4. Storing flammable materials (boxes, rags, etc.) next to or on hot truckmount surfaces

Give Your Truckmount Some Breathing Room

It doesn’t matter if the weather outside is hot or cool, your slide-in truckmount must be able to breath! When it’s 90° outside, it can be over 150° inside a shuttered truck, especially with the truckmount running! To help keep your truckmount cooler, open all the doors, including the rear ones to get good cross ventilation, and install a roof vent. If equipment is not being used on the job, move it well away from the truckmount while it’s in operation. Your employees might not be thrilled with this additional labor, but keeping your truckmount cool and free of obstructions is worth the extra time and work.

Once you’re finished with the job, it’s still not a good idea to pile equipment and boxes near or on top of the truckmount. Your truckmount will remain hot for some time after shutdown, and this heat may even melt plastic housing or set rags on fire, especially those coated or saturated with flammable chemicals. Additionally, when things are set on or around the truckmount, some flammable items, unbeknownst to you, might fall into it and catch on fire the next time you use the machine! It’s happened to restoration professionals in the past, and it’s not a pretty site.

Truckmounts are kind of like people. They don’t work well when they’re too hot, they need fresh air and they don’t like to be crowded. Treat your truckmount well and you’ll add years of service to its life, helping you reduce costs and avoid downtime!

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